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***The Beatru Chronicles***(Chapter 6~Clarity and Purpose~ACT I Finale) - PSP43

March 31, 2021 Thomas Mitchell & Paxton Stanley Season 3 Episode 6
Planet Storytime Podcast
***The Beatru Chronicles***(Chapter 6~Clarity and Purpose~ACT I Finale) - PSP43
Show Notes

Welcome back to Planet Storytime!!

In this episode of the podcast, we present the conclusion to ACT I of The Beatru Chronicles with "Chapter 6 - Clarity and Purpose"!! 

Three months after we presented chapter 1, we've gone all the way thru to the end of ACT I of Beatru's amazing story (with two more ACTs to come out later this year!) and couldn't be more excited to share it with you!   

We weren't sure how Beatru and her story would be received when we first presented her stories back in December, but each chapter has brought more and more fans to her podcasts.   We are confident this may end up being your favorite so far!   Thomas and Paxton deliver one of their best-ever episodes to date!

Ever since "Chapter 1 - The Clearing", Beatru has sought answers to a growing list of big, questions, explaining how she passed thru the Enigmatic Egress into the strange world she awoke to in the wood.    But each answer has raised more and more questions!   Chapter 6 will answer some of the biggest she has about many things, but will leave us all seeking ACT II!

To all of our Beatru fans around the world - THANK YOU for your love and support!   And at the request of many of you, we will be releasing all six chapters as a single, Stellar podcast in the weeks ahead with all of ACT I in a single podcast!    TM Ganim has been patiently awaiting our production of his latest original, but soon after that, we'll be releasing The Beatru Chronicles - ACT I, complete wth chapter breaks!


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We have so much more in store for the rest of 2021, so please tell your friends about us and keep using your imagination to see just how powerful your mind truly is!

Until next time!!
PSP Production Team

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